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Bandit Soil Treatment

Bandit Soil Treatment is a single component resin used for soil stabilization. Bandit can be implemented in various ways, depending on the project requirements. When cured, Bandit will bind and stabilize loose and granular soil.

Eco Friendly
No Pesticides
Aesthetically Pleasing

Applicational Uses


Weed Control

Once dried, Bandit is the ultimate weed barrier, forming an impenetrable crust that vegetation cannot grow through.


Soil Erosion

Through extreme heat, extreme cold, wind, rain, snow, drought or high humidity, Bandit will stand up to the elements.


Path Building 

Bandit will produce a durable surface that is more than capable of carrying weight. This makes Bandit perfect for pathways.

Residential vs. Commercial



There are many uses for Bandit in the Residential sector. Such as.
Weed Control Patio Support ● Parking Pads Path Building● Decorative Landscaping



There are many uses for Bandit in the Commercial field. Such as.
● Weed Control● Soil Erosion ● Potholes● Path Building


Find out what others are saying about Bandit

"Bandit is like the new duct tape, I'm not sure we will ever figure out all of its uses."

Wayne, Saskatchewan

"We have been looking for a product like this for a long time. The cost savings to our little community will be huge."

Maintenance Foreman,Small Town, Saskatchewan