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About Bandit

Bandit Soil Treatment is a single component resin used for binding & stabilizing loose & granular soils. Bandit can be applied topographically or by ground injection at varying depths, depending on the size of your project. Our team is here to assist with questions that may occur.

Curing Time

The amount of time the material takes to react and harden will depend on the amount of moisture present in the soil. On average, cure time is 24 hours.

    Eco Friendly
    Aesthetically Pleasing
    Weather Resistant
    Easy to Apply

Applications for Bandit

Small/Medium Projects

The simplest way to apply Bandit is to pour the treatment onto the soil.

    Vegetation Control
    Decorative Landscaping
    Around Signage

Large Projects

To save time on larger projects, it is recommended to use a power sprayer.

    Soil Erosion

Stabilization Projects

For support projects, Bandit can be injected at various depths into the terrain.

    Post Support
    Structural Support
    Soil Stabilization

New in 2020, Bandit Soil Treatment has been found suitable for pothole repair.

Sample Projects

Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion 

Through extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, drought or high humidity, Bandit will stand up to the elements. Making it ideal for soil erosion and dust suppression.

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Weed Control

When applied topically, Bandit acts as the ultimate weed barrier. By binding the topsoils together, vegetation cannot grow through.

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Bandit can be used for pothole repair by applying Bandit to recycled asphalt. please contact us with any inquiries.

We would love to see your innovative uses for Bandit. Please submit them below!