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About Bandit

Bandit Soil Treatment is a single component resin used for binding & stabilizing loose & granular soils. Bandit can be applied topographically by pouring or spraying the solution.

Curing Time

The time the solution takes to activate will depend on the amount of moisture present in the soil. On average, cure time is 24 hours.

    Eco Friendly
    Aesthetically Pleasing
    Weather Resistant
    Low Maintenance
    Easy to Apply

Applications for Bandit

Small/Medium Projects

For smaller projects, it is easiest to pour Bandit on top of the area to be treated.

    Weed Control
    Erosion Control
    Decoritive Landscaping

Large Projects

To save time on larger projects, a power sprayer may be required.

    Pathways / Parking Pads
    Soil Stabilization

Tired of weed whacking? Bandit eliminates the need to weed whack hard to reach areas.

Sample Projects

Heading photo

Weed Control

When applied topically, Bandit acts as the ultimate weed barrier. By binding the top soils together, Bandit creates a barrier vegetation cannot grow through.

Heading photo

Pathways / Parking Pads

Apply Bandit topically and allow Bandit the time to cure. This method produces a durable surface that is more than capable of carrying weight. 

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